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Carnegie Senior Fellow Tom Toch joins former Carnegie Board member Jason Kamras (chief of Human Capital for DC Schools) and Jonah Rockoff (a professor of business at Columbia Business School) to discuss a new study that shows that having a high-quality teacher even for one year can have a measurable long-term impact on a student's career. They speak with NPR’s Diane Rehm  on how best to evaluate teacher effectiveness.

Carnegie Board member Elaine Tuttle Hansen, who is the executive director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth in Baltimore, writes in the Baltimore Sun: Maryland public schools are rightfully acclaimed as some of the best in the nation. And yet these outstanding schools are at risk of leaving their top students behind. The problem is not limited to our state; it's a growing national concern. A recent study by the Fordham Institute examining how U.S. students testing in the 90th percentile or above fared over time found that 30 percent to 50 percent of them lost ground as they moved from elementary to middle school, or from middle to high school. We can argue about the reasons for this decline, but we can't argue away the sense of loss and disappointment it creates. Too much potential talent is going to waste.

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