Carnegie President Anthony S. Bryk Interviewed, Carnegie Scholar-in -Residence John Merrow Book Reviewed

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Organizing Schools for Improvement, Fixing Mediocrity in Schools

President Anthony S. Bryk was interviewed by Dwayne Olson on Education Matters on WGTD, part of Wisconsin Public Radio’s “NPR News & Classical Music Network.” Bryk was featured as the author of one of the most important books on contemporary American education--Organizing Schools for Improvement: Lessons from Chicago, on the August 14 show.

Below C Level: How American Education Encourages Mediocrity and What We Can Do About It, a new book from Carnegie Scholar-in-Residence and President of Learning Matters John Merrow, is reviewed in-depth by a classroom teacher in the Daily Kos who states, “I would suggest that for anyone seriously interested in the future of American education, in the issues that have consumed us and are under public discussion, this book is a near invaluable resource.


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