Numbers for Life Free Short Course Goes Live Oct. 21

Perspectives: What's Happening
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Learn math in a whole new way and explore the Carnegie Foundation's innovative curriculum in the free online course, Numbers for Life. You'll see how the Carnegie approach is different and  you will make a creative final project that proves an argument using math!

In this short course, you will see four lessons from the Quantway® course developed by the Carnegie Foundation. These lessons will develop your understanding of common numbers often found in the news, on advertisements, and online. You will see how numbers play important roles in arguments you hear about daily like issues such as gun control, smoking, pollution, and heart attacks. And by the end of this course, you’ll be able to use numbers to communicate your ideas.

Designed to change the way students, teachers and everyone else thinks about math, Numbers for Life features short videos each week that pose real-world problems you'll learn to solve with the help of your classmates. This course begins October 21st, and runs for 5 weeks. Sign up today!