Carnegie Perspectives


April, 2010

Carnegie Senior Partner Louis Gomez explores the tools and routines of networked communities for educational improvement.

September, 2009

An interview with Professor of Education at Stanford University Guadalupe Valdés on the challenges of teaching English language learners.

May, 2009
Anne Colby and William M. Sullivan

Rather than treat analytical thinking, along with mastery of substantive content, as sufficient goals for higher education, the authors remind us that colleges should aim to teach students how to use knowledge and criticism not only as ends in themselves, but as means toward responsible engagement with the life of their times.

March, 2009
Bill Cerbin

Educator Bill Cerbin argues that if the goal of higher education is to improve students' future performance, then the common practice of assessing what students have learned is not enough. What is also required is "assessment that reveals how students learn."

January, 2009
Tom Ehrlich

With the need for critical analysis and good judgment in business more important than ever, the author argues that we must strengthen our commitment to ensure that undergraduate students who major in business and other professional fields also gain the benefits of a strong liberal-arts education.

October, 2008
Pat Hutchings

In this month's Perspectives, Carnegie Vice President Pat Hutchings argues that “professional development” should not be a separate or special occasion but an integral feature of the way educators do their work everyday.

August, 2008
Vincent Tinto

The author writes that for too many low-income students the open door to American higher education has become a revolving door. In examining what can be done, he recognizes the centrality of the classroom to student success.

May, 2008
Lee S. Shulman

In an insightful commentary, the author ruminates on the dilemmas of coaching in the context of high-stakes testing.

February, 2008
Molly Breen

The author reports on recent promising efforts by community college faculty to make the teaching and learning from their classrooms more visible.

December, 2007
Lee S. Shulman

In pondering the many challenges of basic skills education, Shulman finds inspiration in the advice of one of his mentors, Benjamin Bloom.

October, 2007
Michael C. Burke

A call for educators to emerge from their monastic disciplinary cells and address the challenges of quantitative literacy.

August, 2007
Anne Colby

The author challenges us to reconsider the role of higher education in preparing students for potential roles in the political process.

July, 2007
Tom Ehrlich

The author revisits Harvard's effort to reform its general education and finds that the revised report is a dramatic improvement over its predecessor.

June, 2007
Lloyd Bond

The author examines a variety of reasons why test performance may not always be a valid measure of a person's competence or potential.

April, 2007
Alexander C. McCormick

In a timely essay, the author reminds us that launching an accountability initiative without careful thought to how it will affect behavior can do more harm than good.