Ke Wu

Associate, Networked Improvement Science

Ke WuKe joined the Foundation as an associate in networked improvement science in 2017. Before joining Carnegie, she collaborated with the New York City Department of Education as part of an improvement science researcher-practitioner engagement while completing her legal studies. Ke’s prior experience spans the intersections of education, race and poverty, and access to justice. Ke has advocated alongside indigent clients, taught high school chemistry in the Los Angeles Unified School District, worked on youth empowerment programs, and researched education initiatives focused on disadvantaged youth while circumnavigating the world.

She holds a JD from NYU School of Law, an MPhil on the topic of Politics, Development and Democratic Education from the University of Cambridge, and a BS in Biochemistry from Arizona State University. Ke emigrated from China at the age of five and began her journey in the US education system as an English Language Learner at a Title I school in Arizona.