Explorers’ Workshop

Organizing to Work in a Networked Improvement Community

This is designed for teams interested in working together to solve a common problem in a Networked Improvement Community (NIC). Workshop teams learn how a NIC differs from other collaborative endeavors, gain knowledge of improvement tools and methodologies, consider if a NIC is a viable structure for accomplishing their aim, and begin a plan of action to initiate a NIC.

Lasting two days, it offers an introduction to NIC initiation, highlighting the role of problem definition and specification, systems analysis and the core functions served by a network hub, as well as an overview of improvement science including measurement and analytics, change theory, and testing. The workshop is intended for those interested in but not yet familiar with or deeply engaged in working as a NIC. We encourage people to participate in small teams of two to seven members working on a shared core problem of education practice.

Our goals for this workshop are for participants to come away with:


September 2–3, 2014


Carnegie Foundation
Stanford, CA

  • An understanding and examples of what a Networked Improvement Community looks like and how to initiate one;
  • A concrete aim for your NIC with measurable targets;
  • The knowledge to create a theory of practice improvement and a plan of action;
  • An understanding of the role of network hub and analytics structures;
  • An understanding of tools of improvement science;
  • A concrete vision of what it looks like to embrace an improvement mindset and way of working.