The Practical Measurement Workshop

Workshop Update (4/28/15)

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June 25–27, 2015


Carnegie Foundation
Stanford, CA



Using data for improvement

Significant educational investment has been made to increase the amount of data collected and shared with school systems with the intention of producing powerful change. Yet there is little clarity about how to use data to improve practice. For systems to improve practice reliably at scale, we need a new way of doing business that gets the right data to the right people at the right time.

The Practical Measurement Workshop covers the development and use of “practical” measures, which provide powerful insights embedded in daily practice. These measures can be used easily and effectively by practitioners and those who support their improvement in real-time. We will address the underlying principles of practical measurement, its uses in improvement efforts in school contexts, and the processes of developing these measures. Participants will not only learn how to create a system of measures to support improvement, but also how to effectively utilize the measures for systemic change.

Measurement for improvement


  1. Participants will understand what practical measures are, why practical measures are needed to support practice improvement, and how measurement for improvement differs from (and where it overlaps with) research and accountability measures.
  2. Participants will understand the larger process by which practical measures can be developed and used, from articulating a theory of improvement, to working with practitioners to articulate measures, to putting them to use.
  3. Participants will learn some examples of how to develop practical measurement tools:
    1. short practical surveys;
    2. capturing “embedded” data.
  4. Participants will be able to articulate the purposes of different types of measures in a system of measures that supports improvement.
  5. Participants will see how measures fit into efforts to improve practice.

The workshop sessions will address:

  • The principles that guide measurement for supporting practice improvement;
  • The components of a system of measures, and how to develop a system of measures to support a theory of improvement;
  • Tools to articulate the theory of improvement and map the system;
  • Designing measures and analytic deliverables to align with practitioners’ needs;
  • The process of developing practical measures, including embedded data collection and developing short surveys as a practical tool;
  • Supporting the use of practical measures;
  • Share knowledge to best inform field practices and spur continuous quality improvement reliably at scale.

Workshops at the Carnegie Foundation

Who should attend

  • Researchers and evaluators looking to support the improvement of practice in education organizations;
  • Educators (or educational organizations) employing improvement science methods in their local contexts to address a problem of practice;
  • Researchers and scholars interested in research-practice partnerships;
  • Educational practitioners, partners, or researchers involved in Networked Improvement Communities.

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