Sponsorship Opportunities

Catalyze a Transformation Through Your Sponsorship

Sponsors will be recognized as leaders catalyzing a transformation in education, supporting the development of the field’s capacity to improve education systems, celebrating the meaningful improvements we are now witnessing in many domains, and learning from and developing colleagueship with Spotlight honorees.

By codifying the principles of quality in clear and accessible language; providing leaders a comprehensive framework for assessing their progress toward a new paradigm of quality; and showcasing exemplary systems and practices; the Spotlight on Quality program will help catalyze a transformation in the field of education in the same way that the Baldrige Criteria recognized performance excellence and catalyzed the transformation of American business.

And just as organizations—both those that have received the Baldrige award and those that haven’t—say the Baldrige evaluation process is one of the best, most cost-effective, most comprehensive performance assessments an organization can find, we aim for Spotlight applicants to say the same.

Contact Information

To explore sponsorship opportunities, please contact Carnegie Foundation Senior Fellow Penny Carver by email at carver@carnegiefoundation.org.