MidTown Learning Community: How a Network Approach Supports Student Achievement

MidTown Learning Community, part of Hamilton County Schools in Chattanooga, TN, supports 7 schools; 4 elementary, 2 middle, & 1 high school. Members of the MidTown Leadership Team will share the story of how a networked approach accelerated learning & led to progress in improvement measures. The team will share structures, supports, & strategies that have successfully helped move schools away from, or completely off, the state’s priority list. Other efforts such as the integration of the Community Forward strategy, Social-Emotional Academic Development (SEAD) coaching and support, New Teacher Coaching, and data management will showcase the team’s commitment to “Changing Lives. Empowering Generations.”


Rebecca Doxsee, Learning Community Academic Lead, MidTown Learning Community, Hamilton County Schools
Becca Smith, Data Coordinator, Hamilton County Schools
Dr.Caitlyne Steward, Coordinator of Community Schools, Hamilton County Schools
Jasmine Lloyd, Math Content Lead, Hamilton County Schools
Kelsey Googe, SEAD Facilitator, Hamilton County Schools


March 24–27, 2024


Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina