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The Networked Improvement Learning and Support (NILS™) platform supports social learning and improvement testing within networked improvement communities (NICs). Purpose-built to support improvement work across a network, the technology supports bringing together different forms of expertise and allows improvers to share and build on each others’ learning. This service requires subscription.

NILS™ is a web-based platform that facilitates the disciplined initiation and development of networked improvement communities working on shared problems of practice in education. It enables individuals to collaborate and share across time and space, moving much of what we currently do face-to-face in improvement practice into a virtual learning environment.

This technological solution supports the launch of networks, the prototyping and testing of change ideas, the swift and asynchronous dissemination of tacit and explicit knowledge, and efforts to consolidate and spread a NIC’s learning. To ensure that this learning is grounded analytically and tested empirically, NILS™ includes features for data tracking and analytics to derive knowledge from a community’s data collection cycles. The platform’s virtual learning environment also facilitates the mental shift required as improvers  move from thinking of themselves as receiving and acting on information, to seeing themselves as improvement leaders producing knowledge in the field.

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