Summit on Improvement in Education

Join us in downtown San Francisco on March 22-24, 2016 for the Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education. This annual convening of innovative thinkers and dedicated practitioners offers the community the opportunity to gather and work together to transform teaching and learning. Registration is now open.


March 22-24, 2016


San Francisco Marriott Marquis


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Why a Summit on Improvement?

Our education institutions confront increasing pressure to educate all students towards much higher educational goals than ever before. This is driven by demands for a more engaged citizenry, for higher levels of knowledge and workforce skills, increased global educational and economic competition, and the need to prepare for the rapid societal changes brought about by technology.

These expectations exist in an environment of limited resources and the challenges of engaging more and diverse students. Absent a more responsive, agile approach to research and development, our educational achievements will never meet our aspirations. We need to accelerate how the education field learns to improve.

Who should attend the Summit?

Summit attendees will come from across the education field, from kindergarten to higher education, practitioners to policymakers, funders to researchers, and many others. Carnegie Foundation Summit for Improvement in Education participants are like other education conference attendees in wanting to learn new skills, develop a professional network, and share their experiences. But they are unique in that they are ready to be at the forefront of the educational improvement community — that together will transform problem-solving within education.

Summit attendees are:

Dedicated practitioners.

You are deeply embedded in the day-to-day experiences within schools as teachers, principals, superintendents, coaches, and development professionals. You are eager to have actionable ideas to help students and teachers achieve success.

Key stakeholders.

You have the power and the desire to make changes within policies, funding systems, and professional development opportunities that could better the education system through improvement science.

Active innovators.

You are already pioneering new problem solving techniques, solutions, and technologies that can be incorporated into improvement science and inspire others to think outside the current system.

All Summit attendees are committed to being leaders of change. You understand what is currently at stake within the educational field and want to step up and enact the changes needed to solve the problems holding students and teachers back.

Last year individuals from nearly 300 programs and organizations through preK-12 and higher education attended. See the full list of 2015 participating organizations.

2016 Summit Program

The 2016 Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education will offer inspiring keynotes, sessions with actionable takeways, hands-on pre-conference workshops, and numerous networking opportunities to connect with others in this community of improvers and innovators.

The 2016 agenda is now available and session details will be announced shortly. You can review the 2015 Summit program to see highlights from last year’s Summit.

One goal of the Summit is to showcase the best of our field’s efforts and support all who attend in their journey to improve. Toward this end, we invite proposals to present at the 2016 Summit. Learn more about submitting a proposal. Proposal submissions closed on July 9, 2015.