Study of Nursing Education

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In its study of nursing education, the Foundation seeks to understand the demands of learning to be a nurse and the most effective strategies for teaching nursing. As part of Carnegie’s Preparation for the Professions Program (PPP), this study takes a comparative perspective to the issues of teaching, learning, assessment, and curriculum in nursing education.

The PPP has identified three dimensions of or apprenticeships for professional education. In nursing education these are high-end apprenticeships and include the following:

  • Intellectual training to learn the academic knowledge base and the capacity to think in ways important to the profession.
  • A skill-based apprenticeship of practice, including clinical judgment.
  • An apprenticeship to the ethical standards, ethical comportment, social roles, and responsibilities of the profession, through which the novice is introduced to the meaning of an integrated practice of all dimensions of the profession, grounded in the profession’s fundamental purposes.



Educating Nurses book coverThe Carnegie study of nursing education culminates in the book,  Educating Nurses: A Call for Radical Transformation, by Patricia Benner, Molly Sutphen, Victoria Leonard and Lisa Day. This publication was released in December, 2009 by Jossey-Bass.