SPECC Publications Archive

In “Toward Informative Assessment Assessment and a Culture of Evidence,” Bond discusses the data gathered over the course of the SPECC project and reflects on the need for new ways to measure student learning. The report includes an Appendix with tables showing success, retention and persistence data...

In "Change and Sustain/Ability: A Program Director's Reflections on Institutional Learning," Asera looks at how community colleges encounter, respond to, and incorporate ideas about teaching and learning, and the various strategies they employ to sustain productive innovations.

In "Strengthening Pre-collegiate Education in Community Colleges: Project Summary and Recommendations," the authors provide an overview of the purposes, activities, findings, and recommendations from a three-year project involving 11 California community colleges, undertaken as a partnership between The...

Mary Taylor Huber, Survey by Cheryl R. Richardson

In “The Promise of Faculty Inquiry for Teaching and Learning Basic Skills,” Huber discusses how faculty inquiry can inform and support classroom teaching and learning, as well as allow for better designed courses and programs.

“Faculty Inquiry in Action” offers suggestions for starting and supporting faculty inquiry groups on individual campuses.

Andrea Conklin Bueschel

In “Listening to Students About Learning,” Bueschel explores how students can become partners in innovation and inquiry, more engaged in the classroom, and better positioned to succeed when educators listen to their students talk about learning.

Basic Skills for Complex Lives details five principles for creating powerful classrooms and offers a new vision for professional development. Included are recommendations drawn from the work of the 11 community college campuses that participated in SPECC—a three year, multi-site, action research project of...