Rethink Learning with XQ at Carnegie Summit 2024

At this year’s Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education, XQ Institute, a 2024 sponsor, is leading the charge in transforming the educational landscape with two exciting, dynamic sessions.

Reimagining High School: Watch, Lunch, and Learn is a standout session where attendees are treated to a special screening of The First Class, a documentary about Crosstown High in Memphis. This session will feature educators from Crosstown (Nikki Wallace, Ryan Pryor, and Erin Johnson), Diego Arambula and Val Brown of Carnegie Foundation.

The First Class is more than a documentary: it’s a powerful tool for sparking conversations, building belief, and ultimately transforming teaching and learning to fully prepare young people for the future. Building upon research about how teenagers learn, and best practices for continuous improvement, attendees will discuss how “The First Class” provides evidence that transformation is not only necessary but within reach for any community of educators ready to begin the journey.

Mark your calendars for the special Carnegie Summit 2024 screenings on Monday, March 25, at 12:15pm PT, and Tuesday, March 26, at 11:30am PT.

On Monday, March 25 at 3:15 pm PT, Mary Ryerse of XQ Institute will host Supercharging the Conditions for High School Learning. She’ll be joined by Nikki Wallace of Crosstown High, Shawn Rux of ImagineNYC at the NYC Department of Education, and Brooke Stafford-Brizard of the Carnegie Foundation.

With rapid changes in technology and in the demands of an evolving economy, ensuring students can flourish in college, career and in life means they need to develop both cognitive skills and competencies and take agency over their own learning. The current time-based and classroom-based education architecture create “uphill” conditions for educators and schools who seek to improve learning to meet the demands of our time. In this session, attendees will:

  • Hear from leading practitioners, researchers, and policy makers who are climbing those hills to create a new paradigm for student learning, leveraging authentic, rigorous, project-based learning.
  • Learn more about how we can collectively jolt the system to transform high school learning at scale.

XQ’s dedication to redefining the high school experience shines through in the innovative programming they’re offering to the Carnegie Summit community. Register for Carnegie Summit 2024, virtually or in-person, to become an integral part of the important conversations XQ is starting!