Measuring What Matters

Working Together to Transform Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

It is time to fundamentally rethink how learning progressions and mastery are demonstrated, the methods of measurement used, and how attainment of skills is communicated throughout a learner’s journey. The Carnegie Foundation alongside partners is proposing that the new currency of education should be based upon meaningful skills and accomplishments demonstrated through assessment.

In building a new future of assessment, we will design, pilot and distribute a new suite of tools that measure the essential affective, behavioral and cognitive skills necessary for success in school and the 21st century economy. The offering will be designed to provide actionable evidence of progress to students, parents, educators and states, and will leverage advances in assessment technology to capture and communicate student skill development, whether it occurs inside or outside the classroom.


Carnegie Foundation, ETS Partner to Transform the Educational Pillars They Built

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The Rise of Innovative Models in Student-Centered Education

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Paper: A New Vision for Skills-Based Assessment

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