African Leadership University

The African Leadership University (ALU) is a pan-African university system with campuses in Mauritius and Rwanda. Founded by Ghanaian educational entrepreneur, Stanford graduate, and Carnegie Senior Fellow Fred Swaniker, ALU was created as an institution with the vision of educating and developing 3 million future African leaders by 2035.

In 2022, Carnegie Foundation and College Track initiated a partnership with ALU to establish the Global Leadership Program, which brings ALU students to Silicon Valley, providing them with invaluable opportunities for work and study. Through this borderless collaboration, our organizations strive to foster mutually beneficial innovation, unlocking the potential for groundbreaking ideas and transformative solutions. By uniting students from diverse regions across the African continent, the program seeks to create a powerful pipeline of entrepreneurial individuals who will embark on wealth-generating and purposeful careers. ALU and Carnegie Foundation partnership not only bridges geographical gaps but also nurtures a diverse and inclusive ecosystem that celebrates collaboration, amplifies talents, and propels innovation to new heights.

Carnegie will also look to ALU’s learning model that seeks excellence and impact at scale, as part of its wider work focused on postsecondary innovation. While a postsecondary degree remains an essential precursor to entering a professional career, it is elusive to many, especially students from for historically marginalized populations.