Professional Learning Opportunities

The Carnegie Foundation’s Professional Learning Opportunities are structured to help education professionals develop a deep and action-oriented understanding of networked improvement science. Networked improvement science brings together two powerful ways of organizing improvement efforts—improvement science and networked communities—to address the equity challenges in our educational organizations.

Learning Opportunities

Strengthening Student Success Systems with Improvement Science

Strengthening Student Success Systems with Improvement Science is a free, live, 2-day virtual workshop that engages educators, leaders, and support providers in hands-on, practical, and conceptual learning about the role of continuous improvement in integrating Student Success Systems into secondary schools and improving these systems’ effectiveness in local contexts. This course is ideal for individuals or teams working on creating school conditions that better support academic progress, college and career transitions, and the well-being of all students and educators.

Course Dates: December 4 and 6, 2023