Introduction to Networked Improvement Basics℠

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Introduction to Networked Improvement Basics is a 12-week, activity-based online course mediated by Carnegie Foundation staff and Carnegie National Faculty. Through interactive online modules, live webinars, collaborative team and individual assignments, and readings, participants develop a conceptual understanding of the principles and practices of improvement science carried out in networks and build their skills in applying improvement methods to real problems of practice.

“I used to think that finding a solution to a problem constituted 'change.' Now, I think that change is a continuous process.” —Course Participant

Learning Objectives

  1. An understanding of the principles and practices of improvement science
  2. Fluency and capacity to engage in improvement science practice with a network of colleagues
  3. Skills to apply improvement methods to real problems

Course Details

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Course Structure

  • Six independent learning modules that include video segments introducing core concepts and corresponding course readings to go into greater depth with ideas
  • Six interactive webinars facilitated by Carnegie facilitators. Webinars include small group breakout sessions and are intended for real-time participation
  • Reflective writing exercises
  • Team exercises with collaborative short projects for each module
team structure

Team Structure

This course is designed as a group-based guided learning experience. If you are not part of a team already, you will be assigned to teams of at least two and no more than six.

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Time Required

Every two weeks, individuals should expect to spend approximately three to five hours reviewing the online videos and completing the readings and journal assignments. Participants can also anticipate spending approximately an hour meeting with a small team to complete a team exercise and two hours in a scheduled, interactive webinar meeting. Teams are also encouraged to attend the optional, weekly one-hour office hours offered by Carnegie faculty.

“This course was my introduction into improvement science. It provided me great insight and [user-centered] tools in approaching problem solving.” —Course Participant

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