Integrating Improvement Principles into Instructional Coaching

60-min | In-Person
Focus Areas: Educator Development, Improvement Capability, System Transformation Toward Continuous Improvement

In the Baltimore City Public School System, Blueprint Literacy Coaches are crucial to strengthening teachers’ pedagogy around literacy. Each of the 39 coaches supports a single school, but their work is coordinated as part of BSLIC, the Baltimore Secondary Literacy Improvement Community, which has used improvement science to accelerate the spread of promising approaches. By prioritizing structures that allow coaches to meet regularly as a network, view coach-led professional development through the lens of PDSA cycles, and consolidate learning into change packages, Blueprint Literacy Coaches have strengthened teacher self-efficacy and improved outcomes for the students in their schools.


James Thurman, Blueprint Literacy Coaching Coordinator, Baltimore City Public Schools
Zachary Jaffe, Blueprint Literacy Coordinator for Continuous Improvement, Baltimore City Public Schools
Bobbi O’Brien, Blueprint Literacy Coach, Baltimore City Public Schools
Bree-L Ukoha, Literacy Coach, Baltimore City Public Schools