Managing Change as an Improvement Hub

75-min | Livestreamed
Focus Areas: Equity, Diversity, and Belonging; Improvement Capability; System Transformation Toward Continuous Improvement

Launching an improvement network requires hub adaptivity in creating the conditions for school partners to make sense of data, problem-solve together, and try new ideas. While the relationships coaches build with each school can be a powerful lever in providing the just-right support for schools, managing change across the network often needs a systemic approach. NYC Outward Bound Schools’ hub developed a variation of the Lippitt-Knoster model to guide the change process toward equitable outcomes for the 44 schools in this network. This session will explore uses of the tool and how hubs can use it for their own development.


Aurora Kushner, Director of Impact and Continuous Improvement, NYC Outward Bound Schools
Jessica Bardy, Director of Strategic Partnerships, NYC Outward Bound Schools