What’s Your Improvement Story? Leveraging Knowledge Management and Measurement Systems to Share the Impact of Focusing on Student Identity

60-min | In-Person
Focus Areas: Data and Measurement; Equity, Diversity, and Belonging; Spread and Scale; Student Attainment; Student and staff social emotional wellbeing

The Teaching Matters Network for School Improvement is a community of middle schools working together to ensure that all students are prepared for high school and beyond, through the integration of culturally responsive and sustaining practices and continuous improvement methods. In this interactive session, we will share the processes that allowed us to tell the data story of our network. We will share the knowledge management practices that we utilize to consolidate and capture the knowledge from our student perception survey and resulting brightspot interviews, how we share these interviews, and the impact of the sharing. We will share artifacts, learnings, and challenges related to knowledge consolidation and putting student perception data in conversation with ELA screener data to create the story of our network.


Jacobē Bell, Network Director, Teaching Matters
Evan O’Donnell, Chief of Staff, Teaching Matters
Jen Gleason, Associate Director of Service Design, Teaching Matters