Cases of Leading Continuous Improvement in Chile: Improving Attendance in Preschool and Strengthening Leadership in High School

This panel will present two experiences in quality improvement in education in Chile that aim to transform educational leadership to improve students’ experience and outcomes. The first paper reports the results of a quasi-experimental evaluation of a Learning Network that supports school-based teams to use data to inform attendance promotion and absenteeism prevention strategies associated with reductions in absences and chronic absenteeism. The second paper reports an experience of leadership development in Chile and describes how the CQI approach was particularly powerful and effective for developing, validating, and supporting female educational leaders.

The discussant will highlight common themes between the two experience and, drawing on her deep experience leading quality improvement efforts in diverse contexts around the world and across disciplines, she will reflect on learning networks, the role of educational leaders in such networks, and development cycles of educational leaders and systems as they adopt continuous quality improvement as ‘the way we do the work.’ This session will interest educational leaders at all levels, and especially those who seek practical examples of improvement networks and development of improvement leadership within educational systems.


Marcela Marzolo, Executive Director, Fundación Educacional Oportunidad
MaryCatherine Arbour, Assistant Professor, Harvard University
Francis Durán, Faculty and Improvement Advisor, Institute of Healthcare Improvement
Karen Zeribi, Founder and Chief Visionary, Shift