Tackling Student Engagement as We Learn and Empower Each Other in School-Based Continuous Improvement

60-min | Livestreamed
Focus Areas: COVID response and acceleration of student learning; Equity, Diversity, and Belonging; Student and staff social emotional well-being

Join four leaders partnering from Jefferson County, AL, School District in their improvement journey, as they share their stories of shifting from a pandemic to addressing the socio-emotional needs of their students as the return to learning created new and urgent challenges. Learn how two Title 1 schools, Erwin MS and Minor MS, networked together around student engagement and continued to leverage school expertise that engaged and empowered people and created a culture of collective efficacy centered on student support. Explore data from their work building mentoring programs that led to positive outcomes for some of their most vulnerable students.


Blake Frazier, Assistant Director of Federal Programs, Jefferson County Schools
Angela Bush, Principal, Jefferson County Schools
Kathleen Oropallo, Leader Coach, Studer Education
Martinius Everett, Leader Coach, Jefferson County Schools