How Districts Learn to Improve: Integrating improvement into the Fabric of School Systems

75-min | Livestreamed
Focus Areas: Educator Development; Improvement Capability; System Transformation Toward Continuous Improvement; Data and Measurement

How do district leadership teams collectively live the principles of continuous improvement and operationalize improvement work across their organizations from the boardroom to the classroom? In this session, hear how three school districts — Baltimore City Public Schools, Oxford School District, and Avondale Elementary School District — established the infrastructure, practices, and processes to support district-wide improvement with positive results. Participants will be inspired as they learn about how these teams established social learning structures, robust data and measurement systems, and foundational knowledge management to enable rapid, continuous learning and imagine how they might apply their learning to their own context.


Tinkhani White (Moderator), Associate, Networked Improvement Science, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Bradley Roberson, Superintendent, Oxford School District
Hunter Taylor, Clinical Assistant Professor and Scholar-in-Residence, University of MS and Oxford School District
Amiee Winchester, Continuous Improvement Program Director, Baltimore City Public Schools
Zachary Jaffe, Blueprint Literacy Coordinator for Continuous Improvement, Baltimore City Public Schools
Jarrod Bolte, Founder and CEO, Improving Education
Betsy Hargrove, Superintendent, Avondale Elementary School District