Improvement Thinking in Unanticipated Challenges! Using Improvement Science to Systematically Improve in the Midst of Community-wide Challenges

60-min | In-Person
Focus Areas:Educator Development, Improvement Capability

This session reflects the Mayfield Independent School District’s journey to improve a system that was producing less-than-acceptable outcomes for the students as determined by district and state literacy assessment results. Facilitated by the Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC), the district engaged in continuous improvement in close collaboration with community partnerships. Implementation efforts included intensive staff development on the most effective processes to enact the thinking work of the Common Core Reading Standards. These processes employed rigorous curriculum-embedded formative assessment performance writing tasks with practiced inquiry in which teachers learned from student work to inform their subsequent instructional cycles. PDSAs focused periodically on revising instructional practices and subsystems in response to classroom performance variation in student data.


Carolyn Downing, Coordinator of Federal Programs, Mayfield Independent School District
Dwight Nolt, Director, District Leadership, Literacy Design Collaborative