Students as Improvement Leaders: Flipping the Script

75-min | In-Person
Focus Areas: Equity, Diversity, and Belonging; System Transformation Toward Continuous Improvement; Transformational Secondary School Learning

How might networks center the experiences of youth in the improvement process by cultivating relationships with students that are meaningful and not transactional? Learn about Eskolta’s Youth Advisory Board, rooted in principles of youth participatory action research, in which students from alternative high schools in our Eskolta Network advise on organizational strategy and engage in their own continuous improvement work. Participants will then reflect on their approach to youth engagement against Eskolta’s Continuum of Student Voice, a research-based framework for incorporating student agency in the improvement process.


Makila Meyers-Burgos, Director of Research, Policy and Network Strategy, Eskolta School Research and Design
Salua Fawzi, Research and Evaluation Facilitator, Eskolta School Research and Design
Brittney Brown, Program Associate, Eskolta School Research and Design