Create a Practical Measure

for Improvement

3. Create a Practical Measure

Identify measurement needs

You need to identify the process or leading outcome in your theory of improvement related to the driver you are focusing on. To help you figure out what to create a measure of, ask yourself:

  • What do you expect your change ideas to move—that is, what are your change ideas meant to change?
  • What do you need to know in the short term related to your primary driver?

An example of a Theory of Improvement

Mentor support of teachers on writing

  • Mentor strategy huddle
  • Mentor teacher/new teacher around writing
  • Reflective mentor planning protocols
  • Mentor teacher/new teacher on instructional writing

Design of lesson plan

  • New teacher orientation to writing initiative
  • After-school writing sessions
  • School-wide lesson planning session
  • Writing room creations

Feedback from teacher leader/principal

  • Veteran teacher learning walks
  • Content team-based peer-to-peer observations
  • Co-planning session
  • Feedback conversation protocol

Practical Measures from the Primary Drivers in Previous Example

  • Average duration of time on mentor support on writing
  • Average duration of feedback sessions
  • Average duration of planning and enacting lesson plans
  • Sustained participation in lesson planning


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Like continuous improvement, the development and use of practical measurement is a journey. It is rarely linear and often comes with opportunities and challenges. Check out these stories of improvers designing, iterating, and leveraging practical measures to create change in the system. Get ready to be inspired by their experience and lessons learned.


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