Practical Measurement for Improvement

for Improvement

A pathway to getting started


This resource, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is designed to help you get started with practical measurement. It is a pathway for people who have some knowledge of improvement science but could use some assistance tackling measurement for improvement with a specific focus on practical measures.

Key Contributors: Jon Norman, Angel Li, LaRena Heath, Marytza Gawlik, Tselot Aklilu

Practical Measurement Overview

Key Questions

Learn the probing questions about practical measurement such as “How can I use practical measures to provide feedback for practice?” which may help you identify if you can benefit from getting started.

A Definition of Practical Measurement

Practical measures are used to identify improvement goals and to learn continuously whether the changes that are introduced are, in fact, leading to improvement.

Begin Your Journey

The steps below are set up sequentially so that you can go through it linearly, but you can also jump to the part most relevant to you at any particular moment.

1. Getting Started

2. Identify Yourself

3. Create a Practical Measure

4. Find the Measure

5. Try It Out