Catherine Miller

Associate, Learning Resource Design and Development

Catherine MillerCatherine Miller is an associate in learning resource design and development at Carnegie, working to translate the Foundations work in improvement science into a curriculum used within and outside of the foundation. Before Carnegie, she was a professor of literacy at the College of Education and Social Services at the University of Vermont, where she worked on several national and local literacy projects and taught early childhood education students how to approach literacy instruction, especially for children who depend upon schools to learn to read. She has focused her work on addressing educational equity for underrepresented students, mainly through literacy education. Before Vermont, she worked as an educational evaluator for literacy projects, in PK-8 classrooms as a literacy coach, and as a community college reading instructor here in the bay area.

She has a masters degree in education research from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a doctorate in cognitive development from the University of California, Berkeley.