The Collaborative Effort to Extend College Track’s Reach and Impact in Baltimore

The Baltimore Ravens, the Stephen and Renee Bisciotti Foundation, and M&T Bank have collectively donated $20 million to support the expansion of College Track in Baltimore–a significant investment that aims to establish a new center for the national college completion program, which supports underserved high school and college students. This initiative will enhance educational opportunities for students in Baltimore City Public Schools by providing comprehensive support through their educational and early careers, marking a strong commitment to the community’s future.

Shirley Collado, the CEO and President of College Track, also chairs the Carnegie Postsecondary Commission, which recently issued its first publication. The vision paper presents a comprehensive framework for transforming higher education, stressing the critical need for a system that is inclusive, adaptable, and holistic. It calls on educators, students, and policymakers to unite in crafting equitable and inspiring educational pathways that respond to the diverse needs of all learners. Click here to read and share the publication