Professional Learning Opportunities

The Carnegie Foundation’s Professional Learning Opportunities are structured to help education professionals develop a deep and action-oriented understanding of networked improvement science. Networked improvement science brings together two powerful ways of organizing improvement efforts—improvement science and networked communities—to address the equity challenges in our educational organizations.

Learning Opportunities

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Introduction to Networked Improvement Basics

Introduction to Networked Improvement Basics is an 11-week (12 session), mediated online course that will familiarize participants with key concepts, strategies, and tools in improvement science.


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Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is a seven-month program designed to guide participating teams to initiate and launch their own networked improvement community (NIC).


Future Opportunities

Facilitating Improvement Teams

Facilitating Improvement Teams is a 3–4 month professional learning program that builds the capacity of site-based improvement facilitators through a blend of in-person and virtual learning sessions coupled with extensive experiential learning acuities. Through instruction and coaching  from improvement science experts, hands-on opportunities to apply improvement facilitation and coaching strategies, as well as engagement in a cohort of like-minded learners, participants will:

  • Recruit and onboard site improvement team members, preparing them to productively engage as members of the improvement team
  • Realize positive improvements against persistent high leverage problems of practice
  • Facilitate and coach site-based teams to use improvement science to get results against high-leverage problems of practice
  • Effectively communicate the ideas of improvement science within the improvement team as well as to external constituents

Leading Networked Improvement Science

The Leading Networked Improvement Science program is a 3–5 month professional learning program that delves deeply into learning about networks as a human organization uniquely well suited to the employment of  improvement science in order to develop networked improvement communities that effectively and reliably achieve improvements in practice at scale. Through a blend of in-person and virtual learning experiences coupled with expert coaching, participants will:

  • Deepen their capabilities as an organizer and leader in a network hub
  • Cultivate a strong network community capable of learning and improving together
  • Build, refine, and maintain structures and routines to support network health and sustainability
  • Flexibly apply the principles and tools of improvement science to structure distributed learning to achieve the network’s aim
  • Leverage network data in multiple ways to guide network learning and provide evidence of improvement


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