EdTech in the Time of COVID-19: Leveraging Technology for Your Continuous Improvement Work

In the webinar, EdTech in the Time of COVID-19: Leveraging Technology for Your Continuous Improvement Work, the Carnegie Foundation’s Collaborative Technology team will discuss the challenges of enabling meaningful collaboration at a distance, the specific pain points of conducting improvement work remotely, and how education technology—EdTech—can address these issues. The Chief Learning Officer from Schools That Lead will join by the team to share the successes and challenges of conducting scholastic improvement work remotely during a global pandemic.

Specifically, the panelists will address these questions:

  • How can we improve systemic problems in a community when we can’t be together?
  • How can we translate face-to-face synchronous collaboration into meaningful virtual, asynchronous collaboration?

The panel will focus on how EdTech, including Carnegie’s  Networked Improvement Learning and Support (NILS) platform, is geared towards advancing the work of networked improvement communities and supporting innovation. Panelists will discuss how the design of NILS helps to alleviate problems experienced by communities of practice by enabling remote, asynchronous, and collaborative work to advance improvement efforts.


  • Jojo Manai, Director of Collaborative Technology, Carnegie Foundation
  • Susan Haynes, Partner Success Manager, Carnegie Foundation
  • Sofi Frankowski, Chief Learning Officer, Schools That Lead

November 12, 2020
10 a.m. PST/1 p.m. EST




November 12, 2020



The Carnegie Foundation’s NILS online platform is designed to support social learning and improvement testing within networked improvement communities. NILS facilitates the learning of improvement networks by offering users a variety of tools and activities to consolidate knowledge and advance improvement efforts online and asynchronously.