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Developing NIC Hub Self-Assessment

Network hub teams can use this self-assessment tool to identify strengths and areas for growth as they support the development of a NIC as a scientific-professional learning community. The tool describes seven domains of effort that are essential for operating a developing networked improvement community through its first 1-3 years after launch.

A network hub plays an essential role in supporting the development of a networked improvement community into a thriving, learning organization focused on achieving a shared aim. Drawing on a theory of network development described in The Social Structure of Networked Improvement Communities: Cultivating the Emergence of a Scientific-Professional Learning Community  by Jennifer Russell et al., this self assessment tool enables hub teams to reflect on their capacity across seven domains, including both technical improvement and social learning activities.

While it is not necessary to score at the highest levels in each domain to lead a successful NIC, this tool can help hub teams to identify opportunities to grow and develop, key expertise that may not yet be represented among members, and strengths that can be leveraged on behalf of the network.

Download the Self-Assessment (PDF)

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