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Effective use of evidence can significantly accelerate an improvement network’s learning. This workshop introduces participants to the Evidence for Improvement framework and related tools to understand a network’s working theory of improvement, functioning as a learning organization, and environmental contexts. The framework spells out how the use of evidence across improvement domains can advance a network’s efforts. This course is fee-based.

Improvement efforts often struggle to fully confront the complexity involved in improvement networks.  Because of this, it can be difficult for leaders to gauge the extent to which the network is making progress towards its aim.  In a network, different kinds of evidence can be used to help leaders understand how interventions are working, how members are learning together, and how the context in which the improvement is happening impacts what the network can do.

This workshop introduces an approach for attending to the work of an improvement network from an analytic perspective. Participants will use the Evidence for Improvement framework to understand how to effectively use evidence throughout the improvement effort and enterprise.

The workshop is intended for network leaders and individuals who support the analytic activities of networks, such as data analysts, researchers, or evaluators. Workshop activities emphasize the importance of simultaneously engaging with the work in each of the framework levels and the implications that doing so has for the collaboration between a network leader and an analytic partner(s).

Evidence for Improvement Course page | Evidence for Improvement Workshop info sheet (PDF)

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