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Hub Leadership Capabilities

Hub leadership teams support the development of a NIC and its ability to function as a scientific, professional learning community that is continuously learning from its efforts. These resources include a framework for understanding the different processes that hub leaders manage as well as tools for a hub team to organize its work in service of the network.

Successful networked improvement communities rely on leaders who work to coordinate the social learning activity of the network. Network leadership teams, or hubs, play a critical role in supporting improvement activity, developing the network as an organization, and managing the network’s relationship to environment in which it operates. Hub teams also need to attend to how they organize to work together.

Within each domain of activity, hubs carry out a variety of interdependent processes in support of the network. The visual representation linked below communicates the key areas of work of a network hub. The video introduces the framework and provides examples of how hubs have structured their activities to insure that the network is able to learn from its improvement efforts. The video also offers tools a hub can use to reflect on how it is organized to lead a network.

This material was shared in the second Leadership installment of the Living Improvement blog series.

Learn about the role of “the hub” in a networked improvement community and the key areas of work these organizations engage with in order to ensure that a networked improvement community (NIC) is interconnected and continuously learning from improvement efforts. These resources were included in the “Developing Hub Capability to Organize, Lead and Learn” session at the 2021 Summit.

  • Emma Parkerson, Co-Founder, Systems Design Lab
  • Kelly McMahon, Senior Associate, Evidence and Analytics, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
  • Sandra Park, Co-Founder and Improvement Specialist, Improvement Collective; National Faculty, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Developing Hub Capability to Organize, Lead, and Learn

This session defines the key areas of work that a hub must engage in to manage a successful NIC. Watch to learn about key processes, how they interconnect, and the role hubs play in building infrastructure and leadership within a NIC.

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Key Areas of Focus for Hub Leadership

A visual representation of the key areas of work that a hub organization must manage and the processes they should consider when organizing a NIC. Use this structure as a guide to develop leadership processes within a hub and create connections across a learning community.

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