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Improvement Science Basics

This workshop session, offered as a preconference session each spring at the Carnegie Summit on Improvement in Education, provides an introduction to the dispositions, core concepts, and tools of improvement science in education. This workshop is fee-based.

Improvement science is an approach to making change that combines analytic discipline and practical on-the-ground tools to accelerate progress on pressing educational problems of performance and equity. The methods within improvement science support change agents in deeply understanding problems and their root causes, testing ideas for change, and using data and measurement to inform practice and innovations. Through an improvement science approach and mindset, the “learning by doing” that occurs in individual clinical practice can culminate in robust, practical field knowledge capable of reliably producing quality outcomes across diverse contexts.

This one-day workshop is ideal for participants seeking an overview of the basic tenets, dispositions, and tools of improvement science. It will provide an introduction to the foundational concepts in improvement science, hands-on activities with key improvement tools and social processes, and a case study of how this approach has been applied in education.

After this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify key concepts and principles that underpin the improvement science approach to change
  • Understand how aim statements and theories of practice improvement discipline improvement efforts
  • Explore how measurement is used in an improvement context
  • Describe how change ideas are developed, iteratively tested, and spread to achieve quality results, reliably at scale

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