2018 Spotlight Honorees

The improvement challenge of our time is reaching the outcomes we aspire to in the places with the greatest needs. The 2018 Spotlight on Quality in Continuous Improvement honorees confronted this improvement challenge across urban, rural, community, and state contexts in a variety of intersecting ways by:

  • Addressing inequity by moving from “average” to “every”
  • Building human and social capabilities
  • Leveraging diverse expertise to make progress
  • Prioritizing learning at the center

Together they reinforced a collective commitment to turn aspirations for more ambitious educational outcomes into realized outcomes for all students.

The 2018 Spotlight honorees are:

Carnegie Spotlight program cover2018 Spotlight on Quality Symposium

On November 15, 2018, representatives from the six spotlight organizations presented their work at the Spotlight on Quality Symposium in Washington, DC. Download the program to learn more.