California’s Oakland Unified School District Adding Weekly KPI Reports to Their Annual School Performance Framework

March 15, 2017

One of the six core principles of improvement says we cannot improve at scale what we cannot measure. In the era of accountability, schools and districts were asked to use data from once-a-year high-stakes standardized tests as the primary performance measurement. But continuous quality improvement requires rapid cycles of experimentation, producing data that empowers organizations to learn fast and improve quickly. In addition, using annual student achievement data as the primary source of improvement data raises the question, what other factors should be included to provide a comprehensive assessment that takes into account differences among individual schools, such as resources, community health, student backgrounds, and year-to-year growth? At our upcoming Summit on Improvement in Education, we are looking forward to learning more about Oakland Unified School District’s efforts to augment annual student achievement data with additional measurement domains that have led to a broader set of key performance indicators (KPIs). We are also interested in their introduction of weekly KPI engagement reports on each school’s rate of chronic absences, suspensions, and students sent to the office. Read more here.