Working to Improve: Seven Approaches to Improvement Science in Education

April 5, 2017

Several Carnegie Foundation leaders collaborated with experts in the field to write, edit, and publish a special issue of the Quality Assurance in Education journal. Paul G. LeMahieu, Anthony S. Bryk, Alicia Grunow, and Louis M. Gomez were guest editors for this issue, which overviews seven quality improvement approaches gaining traction in the U.S. and internationally. This special journal issue is designed to highlight scientific approaches to quality improvement and to help practicing educators to make wise choices when selecting an approach that best fits their situation. Each article covers one approach, including commonalities among approaches as well as the distinctive purposes and strengths of each. As the editors state, “To maximize the contribution of the set as a reference to the field, each article follows a common outline consisting of (in order) a general history of the ideas and approach; how it has been adapted to educational settings; and a case study or example of its use in education. Each article then concludes with a general summary.” The Carnegie Commons Blog is running a series of posts based on each article. Learn more.