To expedite knowledge exchange and knowledge building, we have gathered an array of tools and materials to share publicly.

Please be aware when you adapt these materials (i.e., expand, reorder, translate into a different language, rephrase individual items, apply to different populations, or implement different data collection methods), you will need to conduct a pilot test of your adaptations and re-evaluate the reliability and validity of the new versions of the materials.

Networked Improvement Learning and Support (NILS™)

NILS is an online platform designed to facilitate the initiation and development of NICs working on shared problems of practice in a disciplined manner.

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Measuring Network Health

Carnegie and Partners for Network Improvement have developed a conceptual and analytics infrastructure for understanding network health and development and a survey of network health and an associated set of reporting and analysis tools.

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Learning to Improve Glossary

This glossary organizes a selection of key terms used in the book, Learning to Improve: How America’s Schools Can Get Better at Getting Better, that have formal meaning.

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90-Day Cycle Handbook

The 90-Day Cycle Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the purpose and methods of this disciplined and structured form of inquiry. This handbook delineates the purpose and process for this method.

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Developing an Effective Teacher Feedback System

This report investigates the factors that contribute to an effective feedback system, paying particular attention to how it affects early career teachers and how such systems can coexist with extant and emerging teacher evaluation systems.

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University of Michigan Online Certificate Program in Improvement Science

The Carnegie Foundation is pleased to join the University of Michigan School of Education and edX in announcing the creation of a new certificate program in improvement science and networked improvement communities.

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