The Rest Is History: Advancing A More Nuanced Narrative of Improvement’s Origins and Evolution

75-min | Livestreamed
Focus Areas: Improvement Capability

Many educators have used improvement tools without learning the history and philosophy behind the science. We will present a brief history of quality improvement, beginning in the early 20th century and tracing its path from Post-World War II Japan to its application in American industry, healthcare and now, education, exploring what has been “lost in translation” along the way. We will address common misunderstandings about improvement, share contributions to the field from rarely-credited voices, and identify culturally-relevant entrypoints to the teaching and practice of improvement. Participants will reflect on how a more accurate and nuanced historical narrative of improvement will influence how they portray the field and invite educators to become part of this ever-evolving body of knowledge.


Amanda Meyer, Senior Director of Improvement, CORE Districts
Brandon Bennett, Principal Advisor, Improvement Science Consulting; National Faculty, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Adelric McCain, Senior Director of Transformation Impact, Network for College Success