Centering Teacher Leaders for Equitable Network Sustainability

60-min | Livestreamed
Focus Areas: Educator Development; Improvement Capability; System Transformation Toward Continuous Improvement

Teacher Continuous Improvement Leaders (TCILs) in the Brooklyn South Network for School Improvement are key to the success of the network, both in terms of leading school-team work and informing hub-level decisions. In this session, we will discuss how Bank Street’s engagement structure strategically includes TCILs to create a responsive feedback loop; this allows us to continuously improve our network, address emerging adult learning needs, and strengthen sustainability efforts. Additionally, we will share specific strategies that have enabled high-impact TCIL/hub partnerships to thrive across the 11 schools working to achieve equity in math for all students.


Tarima Levine, Senior Director of Content and Strategic Design, Bank Street College of Education
Daveida Daniel, Deputy Superintendent District 18, Brooklyn South Public Schools
Jing-Jing Hu, Math & Continuous Improvement Coach”
Sheena Fray, Teacher CI Leader, IS 211 John Wilson
Christina Griffith, Math Teacher and MathTeam Leader, North Star Academy, District 17 Brooklyn South Public Schools