Using Networked Improvement Science to Address Complex Challenges in Systems of Higher Education

75-min | Livestreamed
Focus Areas: Equity, Diversity, and Belonging; Higher Education; Postsecondary Innovation; System Transformation Toward Continuous Improvement; Spread and Scale

The National Association of System Heads (NASH) launched a new model of applying improvement science to the public higher education context through networks, endeavoring to solve problems related to transfer, curricular flexibility, and equity gaps. Coinciding with a 12-college merger, Connecticut State Colleges and Universities’ Student Success Center also took a network approach to problem-solving and led work that enshrined equity-led corequisite courses, math pathways, and guided self-placement practices in board policy. Leaders from the Connecticut and the NASH networks will share how they brought together campuses and systems, discuss the challenges and lessons learned thus far, and offer advice to others trying to address complex problems in higher education.


Marytza Gawlik (Moderator), Associate, Networked Improvement Science, Carnegie Foundation
Daniel Knox, Senior Advisor, National Association of System Heads
Juliette Price, Chief Solutions Officer, Helgerson Solutions Group
Amanda MacTaggart, Director of Strategic National Partnerships, Network Engagement and Innovation, Connecticut State Colleges and Universities
Gregory DeSantis, Vice President of Student Success and Academic Initiatives, Connecticut State Colleges and Universities
Alexandra Waugh, Director, Jobs for the Future
Francisco “Frank” Savina, Lead, Professional Learning and Implementation, The Charles A. Dana Center at UT Austin
Paula Talley, Executive Director, Programs, Achieving the Dream


April 23–25, 2023


Hilton San Diego Bayfront

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