An Improvement Science Journey to Grading for Equity

60-min | In-Person
Focus Areas: Equity, Diversity, and Belonging; Instruction and Assessment; Spread and Scale

This session will show how learning and success can come from an improvement test that was initially thought to be a failure. After seeing disappointing results, we pivoted from improvement tests using the formative assessment cycle to improvement tests on equitable grading practices and systems, using Feldman’s Grading for Equity as a guide. As teachers conducted and continue to conduct improvement tests, the data shows that teachers are seeing success in closing the achievement gap by implementing grading systems that accurately reflect student learning, are bias-resistant, and, perhaps most importantly, motivate students to want to learn.


Dianne Willson, Program Specialist, Grades 7-12 Mathematics, Elk Grove Unified School District
Francesca Reinhard, Instructional Coach, 7-12 Mathematics, Elk Grove Unified School District