Using Practical, Curriculum-Aligned Measures of Growth in Improvement Science

75-min | Livestreamed
Focus Areas: Data and Measurement

Improvement efforts focused on curricular outcomes require measures that are aligned to curriculum and responsive to change. This seems straightforward but can be difficult in practice. Curriculum-based measurement (CBM) has developed a host of practical, curriculum-aligned measures that are well suited for use in improvement science. We discuss the use of these measures, specifically Oral Reading Fluency, through the lens of our work in Baltimore City supporting middle grades ELA teachers in improving student literacy. Participants will “walk in our footsteps” as they explore CBM resources, generate analytic displays from data, and interpret displays to develop evidence of improvement.


Nathaniel Dewey, Assistant Research Scientist, Johns Hopkins University
Marc Stein, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University
Amiee Winchester, Continuous Improvement Program Director, Baltimore City Public Schools