Don’t Let Them Fall through the Cracks: Implementing an Early Warning System in High School

75-min | In-Person
Focus Areas: Equity, Diversity, and Belonging; Improvement Capability; System Transformation Toward Continuous Improvement; Transformational Secondary School Learning

When Fallbrook’s Superintendent Ilsa Garza-Gonzalez began her tenure in 2019, she said, “Not on my watch” to Latino students’ substandard outcomes in her district. Since that date three years ago, despite the interference of the pandemic, an early-warning indicator system has been implemented to ensure students are not only placed in the correct college-prep courses, but that they pass those courses. Guidance staff collaboratively engages in on-track monitoring of students every five weeks in a PDSA-style reflection to proactively support students so that all students enjoy success. Learn how to bring Guidance Alignment to your staff and improve student outcomes.


Ilsa Garza-Gonzalez, Superintendent, Fallbrook Joint High School District
Sarah Mott Gonzales, Senior Director of College Readiness, Orenda Education