The Journey to R.E.A.L. Joy: From Compliance to Continuous Improvement through Radical Alignment in the Omaha Public Schools

60-min | Livestreamed
Focus Areas: System Transformation Toward Continuous Improvement

Just one month prior to the pandemic, the Omaha Public Schools adopted a new Strategic Plan of Action, and with it, the organizational values of Results, Equity, Accountability, Leadership, and Joy (R.E.A.L. Joy.) OPS then moved into a period of crisis management, survival, and service. In 2020, the Division of Accountability & School Improvement was created. Our charge: to build coherent systems of improvement in support of the core business of teaching and learning. This session, which includes contributions from building leaders, central office staff, and research, will share our journey, still in its infancy, as we seek to live our values through inclusive, radically aligned continuous improvement processes built on the principles of improvement science.


Susanne Cramer, Executive Director of School Improvement, Omaha Public Schools