Supercharging High School Learning with the XQ Competencies

Teachers and students from the recent XQ Competency Pilot share what they’ve learned about an exciting new way to expand teaching and learning beyond existing standards. See what they’ve made, and hear their behind-the-scenes stories, as they showcase learning experiences, or LXs, that demonstrate a new architecture that could replace the time-bound system of the Carnegie unit and certification of learning. With explicit competencies, systems can be put in place whereby students earn badges when they show evidence of demonstrating competencies. This session will center on the student learning experience, student agency, and youth leadership, with equity at the center.


Naomi Lara, Principal, DaVinci RISE
Andres Arauz, Graphic Design Teacher, Crosstown High School
Santi Arbelaez, student, Crosstown High School
Nia Thompson, student, Crosstown High School
Lauren Bierbaum, Head of Data and Research, XQ
Ann-Katherine Kimble, Director of Learning Experiences and Curriculum Lead, XQ