Early Results

Those of you in the Carnegie Network already have this news from Statway Director Karon Klipple, but it deserves to be shared further because it reinforces that we are indeed on the right track.

She reported that 88% of students who passed the first term of Statway with a C or better have enrolled in the second term and will earn college credit with its successful completion. This is considerably more than the 25% of students (with C or better) who enrolled in a second term of math studies for college credit in our NIC colleges prior to Statway’s launch.

If our pass rate remains the same for the second term, and 68% of those students pass the second term, then we will have achieved a success rate of 42%. Currently, among the 19 Statway colleges, only 12% of students who are placed into developmental mathematics complete a college-level math course in two years. Stay tuned for final results on the first year when they are available this summer.