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This 12-week course, designed for educational leaders in pK-12 systems, introduces three domains of leadership for system transformation that support building organizations that serve all students equitably and are capable of sustaining continuous improvement.

Transforming Educational Systems to Continuously Improve is a 12-week course designed for systems-level educational leaders and those who advise them. This course deepens participants’ understanding of the three domains of leadership for system transformation: Key Dispositions, Core Practices, and System Levers, as described in the publication Transforming Educational Systems Toward Continuous Improvement: A Reflection Guide for K–12 Leaders.

Participants begin by investigating the current state of their organizations and assessing their own capacity as leaders of systemwide transformation using a diagnostic reflection tool. They will envision what their organization and they, as leaders or advisors, will be like when continuously improving toward excellence and equity for all students. Finally, the course leads participants to research and plan the first steps toward achieving their target.

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